Marketing Services

     Analysis, design, management
     Data mining, data quality and data conversion

     Customer Relationships (CRM)
     Customer profiles and segmentation
     Lifetime value of a customer
     Market sizing and definition
     Marketing Mix Allocation
     Sales forecasting and tracking
     Determine price elasticities
     Price testing and strategy
     Time series analysis
     Analyze sales patterns, markets and behavior
     Brand (perceptual) mapping at the Product and customer level

Analysis (Financial)
     Financial modeling - "what-if" scenario testing
     ROI and NPV of cash flows
     Business case development

     Test design, sample size and definition, questionnaires and reporting
     Customer behavior, program evaluations, consumer studies
     Market sizing, product pricing and configuration, customer segment definition

Targeting / Modeling
     Maximize objective using regression (i.e. response, incremental sales, marketing mix, product pricing)
     Segmentation - cluster and factor analysis

     Personalized Recommendation Systems
     Second Life
     Strategic assessment

Custom Analytic Software
     "Point-and-click" marketing tools
     Strategic decision making tools
     New business presentation models

     DM creative strategy, copy, design, and consultation

Craig Tomarkin, PresidentProduct Matching Demos:
DVDs (movies, TV, concerts) / Movies (50 titles)
Coffee Demo - Features integrated brand map and different results depending on customer type

White Papers:  
Personalized Recommendation Systems (ppt)
Segmentation (ppt)   
Perceptual Maps / Brand Mapping (ppt)
Response Modeling / Subscription Services (ppt)  
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Consulting Services Summary:  Brochure (pdf)  Presentation (ppt)