Custom Analytic Software

Financial Modeling and Business Case Development
Dynamic cash flows model reveals how a business works and how to best deploy resources. Quantify the financial consequences of marketing plans before you act. Example: Built models for the GM Card for launches in several countries. Then built a new model for the U.S. business at the mature stage of its product life cycle.

Acquisitions Models
Track entire marketing effort including all expenses and expected results for each media, compare results to benchmarks and link to a financial model. Example – pre launch research and marketing plan for the Chrysler Credit Card. The model demonstrates how any change in the marketing assumptions impacts the bottom line.

Analytic Marketing Tools
Built a custom "point-and-click" analytic marketing tool using Excel and Visual Basic to show changes in response to various methods of account acquisition over time by demographics, credit variables and the vehicle ownership of those solicited for a GM credit card. This analysis identified highly responsive targets, making the GM Card's marketing team more efficient in acquiring millions of new accounts. Another model tested different product configurations to determine their pricing strategy.

User-Friendly Front Ends to Databases and Statistical Forecasts
Built easy to use software enabling the GM Card marketing team to access revenue and redemption expense forecasts in graphical and table form, which were tied to a historical database.

New Business Presentations
Create "point and click" models to demonstrate the proposed marketing plan and its effectiveness on sales and ROI. Examples: Bristol-Myers Squibb Ortho birth control pills.