Internet Services

Overview: Have you heard of Yahoo widgets? Are you in Second Life yet? Is your site providing the same product recommendations for everyone? We provide a strategic assessment of your opportunities and help you achieve them.

Strategic Assessment
How well are you using Widgets, Second Life, and other online opportunities to your best advantage? Does your site collect product ratings data and provide personalized recommendations? Let us guide you to maximize the potential.

Personalized Recommendation Systems, Engines
Capture impulse purchases, build loyalty and trust, enhance pricing power, improve likelihood to establish first sale in another category, improve offline marketing initiatives.
      Slideshow / Brochure (pdf) / Compare Results (pdf)
      DVD Demo - Judge for yourself. Select from thousands of DVDs!
      Coffee Demo - See how even new shoppers can influence
                                  recommendations. Features unique brand map.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How did we get an hobby baseball web site,, to have over 1 million unique visits last year (and growing)? Why does that site make the first page in Google when you search on dozens of combinations of baseball and ____? Try baseball japan, baseball holway (an author), baseball usenet)