About Us

Craig Tomarkin founded DART Marketing, LLC with the vision of providing intelligent, financially responsible marketing strategies through custom analysis.

His team is seasoned and diverse, well suited for your analytic needs.

Key Team Members

Craig Tomarkin, President - Furturist, brand mapping, modeling, research, analysis.
Paul Delano - Technology expert, Java, eCommerce, email, hosted solutions.
Phil Goodhart - Direct marketing and management. Business development.
Andrew Hardy, PhD. - Marketing Strategy, Research, and Analysis
Javeed Ismail - Statistical modeling, database analysis and management.
Reilly Atkinson, Ph.D. - Master of segmentation and experimental design.
Allan Hoving - Futurist, Digital Publishing Director
Peggy Greenawalt - Direct marketing creative and strategy.

Memberships / Endorsements

The DMA HVDMA Member Fulfillment Management Association Member SAS Institute