Market Research and Analysis

Overview: We research new products and services, do program evaluations, understand customer behavior, do consumer studies, and do on-the-fly cover testing. We use everything from phone surveys to mall intercepts to online research.

Test Design
We will help you identify relevant groups to study or compare. If you are looking at buyer behavior for example, look at non buyer behavior or have a control group or program norms as a reference. We may collect surveys from people different each time periods to remove seasonality or create sales weights.

New Product Research
New product pre-launch research. Example: Safecard’s child protection program tested different prices and different offer combinations. It also established target segmentation for each service.

Program Evaluations
Found insights into consumer behavior for GM's North American automotive marketing team through analysis and interpretation of market research data and application of experience, enabling them to achieve higher (more than double in some cases) incremental sales rates in subsequent programs.

Behavioral Studies
Determine best motivational factors for each target group. Example: Measured GM employee attitudes and willingness to participate GM’s Ambassador Program for hourly, salaried and retired employees.

On-the-Fly Cover Testing
Get quantifiable consumer reactions to magazine covers before choosing which to use. Measure lift of cover choice to sales by calibrating to survey responses. Predict the overall success of the issue before release, based on live consumer feedback.