Overview: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is at the core of database analysis and purpose. Our methods include database design and management, data mining, data quality, data hygiene, merge/purge/de-dupe, and data conversion.

Database Management
Experience with files containing millions of records. Examples: GM sales files, GM Credit Card customer files, and various other transactions level data.

Reorganized Prodigy Internet's customer database under intense time pressure to produce marketing recommendations for new acquisitions, by identifying heavy users of their service and their characteristics.

Data Mining
Find hidden value in the data you have. Our advanced statistical methods will uncover your diamond in the rough.

Data Quality/Hygiene
Is your data a mess? Try this one on for size. GM had a direct mail program, where people responded by hand writing in the brand they were interested in buying. Many of these were misspelled or invalid and we wrote an algorhythm, which identified the brands with over 98% accuracy.

Do you have lists that need to be combined or reworked?  Are you mailing twice to the same address? Do you want to mail only to certain segments of your list? Need help identifying who those people should be? No list is too big for us to manage.

Data Conversion
Translate files from one file format into another, such as from ASCII fixed column to a SAS dataset.