Reilly Atkinson, Ph.D.

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Reilly is a Harvard graduate, with a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. He was supported by a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship as well as a National Science Foundation Fellowship while at Stanford. After completing his doctorate, he served for six years as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Tufts University. During the following eight years Reilly worked in housing and urban research as a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Business School, at the Boeing Company, at the Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies, and at Abt Associates of Cambridge, MA as a Senior Project Manager.

Reilly went on to co-found Consulting Statisticians with Joseph Fisher, Ph. D. Six years later, Reilly joined the ARCON Corporation (a privately held radar and communications firm) as a Senior Scientist, where he worked on software and hardware design for a major FAA project. Then he returned to work with Dr. Fisher as a Senior Research Scientist at InterData.

With over 25 years experience, Reilly is a master of market segmentation and uses advanced clustering and neural network techniques. He also does sophisticated simulation modeling, regression analysis, sales forecasting, advertising program evaluations, and market research.

He has used these skills in a wide variety of industries including: publishing (Time-Life and the Boston Globe), packaged goods (General Foods, General Mills and Fisher Price), banking (Wells Fargo), financial services (GM Credit Card and Wald Harkrader and Ross), urban planning (Harvard-MIT and the White House), and automotive (General Motors and VW of America).

Also to his credit, Reilly served as an expert witness in survey analysis for the FTC, served as director of a project to bring full office automation to the FAA procurement office and is the author of 17 professional papers and books.