When Precision Matters

      Future Trends Consulting
      Pricing Strategy
      Mail Optimization
      Brand Mapping for better positioning, up-selling and new opportunities
      Message Targeting
      Custom Decision Making Tools for "what if" scenarios

      Slideshow (ppt) / Brochure (pdf) / Compare Results (pdf)
      DVD Demo - Judge for yourself. Select from thousands of DVDs!
      Coffee Demo - See how even new shoppers can influence
                                  recommendations. Features unique brand map.

OUR APPROACH is data driven and our results are measurable. We
     combine research, analysis, and cultivated intuition to better define
     and target your most profitable customers.

Craig Tomarkin, PresidentEver Wonder...
How are future trends creating opportunity?
Which products are priced too low?
What high margin products have the highest acceptance by audience?
Which customers need an incentive to buy?
The product will each customer buy next?
The ideal message for each customer?

Why wonder? Find the answers right now.

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